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Smart Thermal Management | Smartek


Thermal management of a vehicle provide a view thermal power as well as the regulation and control of the energy flow. Generally they arrived solution conflicts between the thermal comfort in the passenger compartment and the requirements on the drive concept. We work on fast and yet accurate simulation models for the thermal management prediction.


  • Optimisation of thermal management architecture of conventional and hybrid ground vehicles power consumption through the smart management and optimized operation of the distributed cooling system (coolant pumps, refrigerant compressor, cooling air fans) while satisfying heat rejection requirements
  • Thermal efficiency improvement assessment and system sizing development for next generation systems like heat pump, energy storage, heat recovery, electric pumps, battery, waste heat recovery etc.
  • Heat management control strategies development

Key analysis include

  • Steady-state and/or transient analysis
  • Isothermal or thermal analysis
  • Flow rates and pressure level analysis
  • Coolant ,Lubrication and Phase change thermal analysis
  • Drive cycle analysis