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A complete conference room management solution that can be deployed quickly with minimal wiring and disruption.

We exclusively offer

  • Lighting Control: Turning the lights ON/OFF or dimming them using a remote control or through a Smart App.
  • Curtain Control: Allowing curtains or blinds to be opened or closed through a remote or Smart App.
  • Projectors & Screen Control: Moving the projector screen as well as any projectors deployed using motorized mounts through a remote or Smart App.
The remote control is available in 4 or 12-button options. The Smart App is configurable to create ‘master’ switches That can be used to control multiple devices in the room through a single click. For instance, through a single click It can dim lights; lower the projector screen and turn it on; close curtains or blinds and bring the projector screen Down. This serves as a complete solution for managing the use of one or multiple conference rooms within an office