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Smart panel board (energy management service)

  • Predictive analysis of overload using trends to protect circuits.
  • Track and analyses low-efficiency devices for reactive power saving.
  • Track and analyses devices with bad power factor for power compensation. Harmonic wave reduction plans for circuits or devices.
  • Operation management according to power use information, including work. Start up and termination hours manages standby power for unused load.
  • Load monitoring for comparative analysis of energy use. Comparative analysis of energy use in similar locations.
  • Peak power and power factor setting per load unit for energy management. Remote control using it function.
  • Comparative analysis of electric information by hour, day, month, year and energy objectives management.

Smart DB energy management service

  • Circuit protection through method of trend analysis and prediction for overload.
  • Detecting and analysing defected power factor and gaining phase compensation.
  • Considering the reduction of harmonic wave form circuit or appliances.
  • Operation management electricity usages from start-up to end of work
  • Stand-by electricity management for non-use load.
  • Through the virtual monitor as per load of the same kind, comparative analysis for the energy usage.
  • Remote administration through information technologies.