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Brief Description



SMT_RTC is a addressable timer module with 30 events per scene. Maximum 64 scenes can be programmed and time managed through this device. This module is totally individual and takes Power from the communication bus . This module can be configured as part of a central system. This module can be connected along  with protection devices in the distribution board or into a cabinet with any other modules. The channel  numbers for each event or scenes can be configured.


  • Power Supply: 12V DC.
  • Protocol: RS485.
  • Output: 30 Events per scene.
  • Dimension: 67mm(W) x 115mm(H) x 20mm(D).
  • Weight: 50g.


  • Modbus (RS-485).
  • 64 scenes timer programming facility.
  • Up to 512 zones/area /module id setting.
  • Connectable to RJ45 LAN to RS485 control.

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