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Something About Smartek
Automation is easier, reliable and cost effective than ever before."

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a young automation company founded in 2014 with an expert staff of engineers who are pioneers in innovative automation solutions for home and office.
Smartek offers innovative lighting and energy management solutions which controls, monitors and manages your entire electrical and electronic system with just a touch of a single button.
Thanks to web-based automatic updates, your system would always be at forefront of the industry’s latest developments.

Our Expertise

Cost Effective

Our Vision

In Smartek we believe INNOVATION is the key to perfection.
To make great user friendly and technologically advanced products we strive hard to innovative as per our clients requirements, cater them with result driven products that’s perfect to their home and office.
We intend to cater every project with exclusivity for this same reason we focus on ONE PROJECT AT A TIME, to meet all the expectations of our esteemed clients who showed belief in us for innovating their home and office.
We believe in excellence delivered in time no matter what and for this we have bifurcated our staff in smaller groups who don’t settle for anything less than perfection. We also possess a quality of self-honesty as to admit when we are wrong and self-motivate ourselves to rectify it.

Why Choose Us?

» Proudly designed and manufactured in India — including all software, hardware and accessories.
» Made for Indian power and climatic conditions.
» No import / export hassles for purchase or service, with stable rupee pricing.
» Comprehensive support and warranty — products can be repaired not compulsorily replaced.
» Support and service centre in Mumbai.
» Simple easy-to-use software with drag and drop configuration — fully customisable GUI for iOS or Android based devices.
» State of the art facility for hands-on technical and sales training.
» Quick and responsive hardware — extremely reliable and flexible solutions spanning a wide range of applications.
» 5,000+ products working across the country, over several years.
» Minimal lead times, with most items readily stocked.

Our Values can be defined as 6 I’s

We at smartek believe that innovation leads to betterment in life. We settle for nothing less than perfection and we innovate our every aspect as and when required so that we be ahead in the technology front always.
We at smartek believe that continuously improvising our existing products will always keep our clients ahead in this technological era.
We at smartek believe that design of any element plays an important role in captivating human mind.For the same reason we make sure our every product is compiled in an ICONIC design making it easy to use and good to feel.
We at smartek believe that in this world of technology there are infinite possibilities to make one’s life luxurious and easier in a cost effective way.
We at smartek believe that accurate analysis of technical statistics is of utmost importance for growth and savings in the long run for the client. So we be at our most adamant behavior when it comes to insights of our products which results in accuracy " always delivered " as promised.
We at smartek believe that Ideas give birth to fascinating possibilities and logic makes it possible to implement it in the real ideologic is one of our core values.